Monday, August 31, 2009

The Rest of the Story

It is so hard to blog about the past when life keeps happening. So here is the rest of our Oregon story. Probably a little disjointed but the highlights will be covered at least...well, in pictures anyway.

Pirate Baby Squirt
Most of us went to the Aquarium. Thanks Rhonda! Some cousins at the aquarium.
Diver ET
Squirt's Aquarium experience
Diver Thumbelina
Going for a ride
Diver Munchkin
Obligatory shark picture.Munchkin watching the fish
More cousins
Inside the fish tank
Uncle Andrew's head gear.
ET with his favorite two people--you know since he only has sisters.
Thumbelina's reluctant pose
Munchkin trying to eat the berries on the bushes.

Other highlights include: walks on the beach, Rockband, playing in the ocean, smores on the beach, hubby's dunebuggy ride, new Oregon T-shirts, ET covering himself with sand--multiple times, taking baths and showers with cousins, playing and fighting with cousins, kite flying, and all sorts of fun stuff with aunts and uncles. I missed much of this due to the nature of babies and nursing. Squirt saw the beach from the car and the balcony because she is still in the -I can't breathe if it's windy stage. It was such a fun trip. Maybe next time we do it closer?


Rachel said...

Thumbelina's "reluctant" pose is the spitting image of YOU!

The Strickland Gang said...

So jealous of the pirate shirt. The other day Jett was saying aaAAAAAh and Cohen said mom he is a baby pirate!