Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is Why We Never Go Anywhere

Today, hubby took his last vacation half day and we schlepped the kids to the free movie in Spanish Fork. The kids have been passing around our Monsters, Inc. book for weeks and wanted to watch the movie. Now, being Redbox people and having long since given up our movie store membership, we couldn't find it anywhere. But today, they were playing Monsters, Inc. So free tickets, one big bag of popcorn, and two drinks (well, three if you count Squirt's bottle) later we were ready!

The kids did okay. They were kids--laughing really loud, talking about parts of the movie, talking to each other--you know, kids. But the whole theater was full of kids so it was no big deal. Nice.

Then, about an hour and 15 minutes through the movie, I see hubby leaving with Munchkin, and ET and Thumbelina holding their noses and giggling.

All that popcorn and drink Munchkin had inhaled? All over the floor in lovely scented juices. Munchkin and hubby covered in puke flavored fruit punch popcorn. YUM!

The kids moved to the other side of me, away from the stench, and we watched the last 15 minutes, while hubby cleaned himself and the child in the bathroom.

Then we hit Sonic's Happy Hour on the way home. The Puke Princess picked Grape.


The Strickland Gang said...

I still have not figured out how you deal with all that PUKE!

Esther said...

Your hub is awesome to clean up vomit. I think mine is allergic to it. Maybe I'll call you next time everyone gets sick! :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing like spews of popcorn and soda. Hopefully the grape held! :)