Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tidbits and Problems Solved

Karate Munchkin

She wants to do everything her siblings are doing. Good thing we have three karate suits. She just looks like a midget or she's kneeling down. But she does have her punches down.


We saw on another blog where they made hot dog octopus dinner. The girls wanted to try it while ET was at karate. They were just supposed to put 8 noodles in the bottom. That wasn't enough noodles. They started making humans with lots of hair and arms and legs. So at the end, some of the hot dogs had about 30 pieces of spaghetti in them. ET and Hubby wouldn't even try them, but the girls loved them and have requested they make them again.

Jelly Roll

Thumbelina wanted a Strawberry cake for her (real) birthday. I was out of cake mixes but I had ingredients and strawberries. Easy to find a recipe, right? Wrong! All of the recipes I could find got their strawberry flavor from a box of strawberry Jello. So we made this instead. My first jelly roll. It was more like a sugar cookie roll, and the filling did include a box of jello, but it was yummy!
My second jelly roll: Much easier than the first...and less messy.

Problem Solved!
Remember this kid and her inability to keep a blanket on no matter how tightly she's wrapped up?
A 30 year old solution. This came from hubby's mom when we had ET. She made it when hubby was a baby...or before. Try kicking out of that!

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