Thursday, August 6, 2009

Come Together

My grandparents were in town for a couple of days. They live in Florida and North Carolina (about 6 months in each place.) Every two years they take a trip across the country. Just the two of them in a van for days and days visiting relatives as they work their way across the country and back home again. I said to my Grandmother, "You must really like each other to spend so much time together." Her reply, "Well, there's always sleep, and libraries."

Since we have the biggest place of the local family here, we got to play host. Hubby was working, but the rest of us had a great time. It was so nice to not have to keep the kids out of other people's stuff...too much. My cousin, Logan, used the locks on his cello case for the very first time.

They have this game they made up called Wellingo. (Their last name is Welling.) It is bingo but with Welling relative names. My grandpa will read off a blessing, acheivement and goal for each person and we all guess who it is and get to mark off that box on our card. Thumbelina got the first Wellingo. Then she got her prize of a chocolate bar and was done with the game.

Logan let the kids play his cello and was very patient with them. (Not that I think Logan is an impatient person, I just know my kids.) ET did great:

Thumbelina does not enjoy the spotlight so if anyone was looking at her, she would clam up and hide. But ET got the camera (again) while the adults were talking and got her real personality on video:

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