Friday, August 28, 2009

More of the Story

We were gone for a week. Monday afternoon to 12:30 am early Monday morning. All in all we were in the car for around 34 hours. With 4 kids. But the non-driving part was fun!

Munchkin packing for the trip

We spent 2 nights with my parents. The first night, ET woke up crying. He needed to blow his nose so he went into the bathroom and turned the light on. Then it was so bright, he couldn't open his eyes. Munchkin woke up next. Sometime around 2 am, I think. She had a bad dream about something. (I am sure she tried to tell us but we went to sleep around midnight and I don't remember.) She wouldn't go back to her bed. I tried to get her to snuggle with hubby but she wanted me. So I tried to get hubby to go somewhere else but he wouldn't leave either. It was already a snug fit going from our king sized bed to a double. Add in a Munchkin and it was not fun at all! The next morning, my parents took the kids to the park. Hubby and I cleaned out the car and repacked. That night, we rearranged the sleeping situation. We put the girls in the double and hubby and I slept on a futon in the living room...until about 2 am. Thumbelina had a bad dream about ants and ran screaming (like I have never heard her scream before) down the hallway. My Dad caught her and I tried to take her and she was holding on for dear life. I handed her off to hubby to check on the othe
r girls, and as he took her past the door of the room she'd been sleeping in, she started screaming, "No! I don't wanna go in there! I don't wanna go in there!!" So another night of sleeping with a kid. This time I left and slept on the couch. I let my 15 year old sister cut my hair. She had cut her own hair and I liked it so I asked her to cut mine. It involved a lot of cutting, thinning scissors, and a razor. I have no hair left.

And I have to do it now or it looks like the second picture. The ocean air made doing my hair pointless.

Maybe it was a buy one get one free sale?

Then drive, drive, drive. Stop to pee, stop to feed the baby, pump while we drive. (Oh yeah, while at my parents' house, when Munchkin was trying to get into bed with us, she stepped on my pump and broke it so only one side worked. But, the medela people are awesome. We called to order the part and they sent it to us for free. "As a courtesy." Fantastic, especially because it's my sister's pump and I didn't want to have to buy her a new one.)

Squirt liked the movie

And then we got to Oregon.

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The Rose Family said...

fancy hair, erin! may I recommend hair wax? It tends to give enough hold without getting crunchy. Also may I recommend lending me your baby that sleeps so well and watches movies? THanks!