Thursday, March 12, 2009

True Love

Our 8 year anniversary came and went without much fanfare. Much like everything else.

Sure we could go out on a date. Dinner? Heartburn. Movie? Trying to get comfortable in a seat and having to get up and pee at least twice during the movie. Bowling? Yeah, right.

So we nixed the date (it was a Monday anyway), and spent the evening with the kids. I was craving banana splits so I sent hubby to the store. He said he would make dinner, but with Karate class until 5:30, I went ahead and made the fried rice with the electric skillet he picked up at the store. I also tried to make these...but it didn't go so well.

But, hubby did give me a great present last night. He went and bought these and I didn't hear a peep from him all night.

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Shaunee said...

Funny what anniversaries turn into when you add kids to the mix... and pregnancies! That gift is a classic. Maybe I should use that idea!