Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let Me Count the Ways

I love doctors. Especially the ones who stay at the clinic until 10 pm so I can bring in my sick child at 9 pm. And thank you for being at our regular clinic last night so I didn't have to try and find a new place in the dark.

I love medicine. Specifically Motrin and medicated ear drops so that when we finally get to the doctor, the child is no longer in pain.

I love pharmacies. But only the 24 hours ones -- even if it is all the way down in Provo and they got the meds wrong the first time.

I love ice cream. Mostly the fact that it will make everything all better.

I love our insurance and their tiny copays.


I hate having a sick kid.

I hate rude people.

I hate being tired.

I hate worrying.

So thanks UVP and Chris. Thanks Walgreens--the Provo one-not the Orem one. Thanks McDonalds. And thanks IHC. Now I am going back to bed.


The Sweet Escape said...

I love all that too! We grew up too poor for doctors, and before Motrin. Earaches were so painful (I still get them every once in a while). All we got was warm oil in our ear and a heating pad. I love modern medicine!

Gustogirl said...

Sounds like a hard night. Hope your little one gets feeling better really soon! Good luck in the home stretch too!