Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Post on The Boy

It seems like lately all I have been posting is about the baby and the boy. The girls are getting left out, I'm afraid.

And today is no exception. Maybe tomorrow, girls.

With another girl coming into our family and ET being the only son, we look for opportunities for him to do things with his Dad. The library in Provo has an activity every year called Big Guys, Little Guys, where boys and their male caretakers get to go and hang out and do all sorts of things--just the guys.

They went last year (I am sure I have a post somewhere about it but am too tired to search for it.) and had a blast. ET got his face painted, a tote bag full of things and the book of his choice.

This year was no different, besides a different theme and his increase in appetite. The kid ate 3 hamburgers and wanted to go back for more. This year was a medieval theme. They had guys sword fighting and a juggling act that was really good according to hubby.

And the face painting. ET wanted to leave it on so he could scare the kids at church and school. And being the bad Mom that I am, I told him it wasn't appropriate. What do you think?
And of course, the obligatory 6 year old dead pose.


The Sweet Escape said...

His face is awesome! I don't know, there are sometimes I see some pretty scaring things at church (like snow outside when it's almost April!).

Shaunee said...

That is some serious face painting! I would've told my girls to take it off for church, too... although it would've been funny to see some reactions!