Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Real Loss

My son is a big softie. (much like his father and grandfather, actually.) He is very sensitive.

And now, he is experiencing his first real loss. And it's breaking his heart (and mine in the process.)

He started kindergarten this year, and in doing so, made new friends. But one boy in particular stood out. His mom and I would take turns taking the boys to school. They played together at recess. They walked home from school together. We even switched babysitting so they got to hang out lots of Friday nights. And, of course, they saw each other at church every Sunday.

This boy moved yesterday. To Oklahoma.

ET was in the midst of doing chores (thank you Karate!), and I went to check on him. He walked slowly toward me and said, "I'm just sad today."

I had no idea what was going on. We hadn't fought; he hadn't lost priveledges: the usual culprits of sadness.

"My best friend moved yesterday," he sobbed, sitting down heavily by me.

I just held him and let him cry.


Diana said...

Who moved?

Shaunee said...

That is so sad :( It's much harder to watch it through a child's eyes because you aren't sure how they are going to deal with it.

P.S. Good job on the karate! That is so awesome. My dad is a double black belt and he used to scare away the boys that I dated :)

Paul said...

Oh, this made me sad! Bless his heart. I remember having a "best friend" at that age too. Only we were the ones to move. So hard, but a growing experience.


Andrea said...

Poor boy, Richard had the same thing happen to him just after 2nd grade. Rex just came for a visit a few weeks ago and it was like he never left! They like to talk on the phone & send little things in the mail to each other. I hope they stay friends for life! It may be kind of fun for ET to have a "pen pal" Good luck, I know how you feel. It still makes me sad.