Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Need of Assistance

I am going to be alone over Conference Weekend. Well, as alone as one can be with three small children. No showering uninterrupted on Saturday because hubby is there to sort out all disputes. No sleeping in. Nobody to cook breakfast for us.

Now I know I shouldn't be complaining because there are plenty of parents who regularly have to go it alone (my sister and Brooke, for example). But you see, I can count the number of times my husband and I have been apart since we got married.

There was the week that he was in school and I was in Cali for my sister's wedding.
There was the time I stayed with friends while he went to the Gorge with his friends.
There were a handful of overnight camping trips with the Young Men.
There was the weekend of his friend Erik's wedding.
There were those two Father/Son campouts where they came back at 7 am anyway.

And now another of his friends is getting married and he will be gone for two whole nights.

Who will get me a Jamba Juice at 10:30 at night?
Who will grill me a steak?

But most importantly, who will change the poopy diapers and get up with the kids at night?!

I am glad that this trip happens to be over General Conference weekend, because that means we can stay in pjs all day and I don't have to try church alone with three kids. So I will be stocking up on bubbles, play-doh, and snacks; but I need some ideas on how to get the kids to sit still during Conference...or a better lock on the playroom door.

Last year, I found a Conference packet that entertained them for about an hour. Does anyone have anything that has worked for them?


Thelissa said...

We play conference bingo. I think the cards are part of one of the packets you can find online. We use m&m's for the markers and that proves interesting. Most get eaten, but their mouths are full!

Diana said...

We turn on all the TVS and RADIOS in the house and so no matter what they are doing they can hear it. There is no Computer's, no video games, no movies. They can play quietly together as long as they can hear it. I figure they are little and maybe some of it will soak in. I do make them sit and listen to the Prophet. Good Luck!!!