Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Love This Kid

My son is 6. At least that's what it says on paper. Sometimes he acts so much older...wiser.
And sometimes he is still a little boy that needs his Mom (or an ice cream sundae) to make everything all better.

He wants to grow up all at once. You know, because he sees how much fun life is for us grown ups. I mean, seriously. We can stay up late, eat ice cream for lunch (don't judge me--the baby likes it!), watch any shows we want, and buy whatever we want at the store.

Somedays when he is being especially 6, I long for the more grown up version. The one who knows when he is in trouble and says, "yes, mom," but so it almost sounds like 'yes ma'am.' The one who offers to push his sister in the swing without any prompting. The one who doesn't complain about doing chores. The one who reminds me about vitamins and medicine.

But then there are the days where he is being oh so serious, and I wish for that carefree boy again. The one who just needs a hug sometimes. The one who unrolls a whole roll of twine to make a laser field in the backyard. The one who can spend hours digging in the dirt and swinging from a rope. The one who would eat candy all day if only he could find it.

I am sad that he won't have any brothers to get into trouble with, but I am so happy for the special relationship he has with his Dad.
Helping Dad build the bunkbed --hard hat required.
Helping Dad with the Christmas Tree --notice the length of the jeans I bought him in September!!!
Helping Dad put together Munchkin's potty reward--a new stroller. She may get in in July.


The Sweet Escape said...

My 6 year old turns 7 this month. He's my youngest and it just makes me sad. I wish he would just stay 4 forever!

Shaunee said...

I have those same feelings about Paige. I looked at an old picture and almost started crying. I'm looking forward to the older phase but I miss the baby phase too. You could do what we've done. We've told Paige that she is not allowed to grow bigger or have anymore birthdays because she is getting too big... she just laughs in our face!

Lotta said...

My son is 6 too and I know exactly what you mean.