Thursday, March 26, 2009


It's a miracle, folks. This thing has never happened before in the history of my pregnancies. Well, two things actually, but only one of them is exciting.

Between week 32 and week 34 I gained 0 pounds!* No weight gain whatsoever. Jason said technically that means I lost weight.

The other new thing? My iron is low. I am not sure exactly how this happened since I have eaten almost a whole cow this pregnancy but alas, 4 pregnancies of not really taking my prenatals has finally caught up with me. So break out the steaks...I'm grilling!

*baby is fine and measuring just where she should. Perhaps she is finally pulling some nutrients from my fat stores.

***Edited to add: I have been eating whatever sounds good. Cookies, cakes, hot chocolate, name it, I've eaten it, and more.


Thelissa said...

You're almost there! Hang in there and eat away! Your time is running short to get by eating whatever you want with an excuse! :)

Gustogirl said...

Try adding oranges to your diet too. Vitamin C helps your body absorb the iron you are trying to feed it. Vitamin C tablets would work too, but oranges taste better!

Shaunee said...

I bet not gaining any weight felt good! Make sure you are taking good care of yourself!

Stacy Wilson said...

YES!! Eating whatever you want and still "loosing" weight you've gotta LOVE it. Now if there were only a way to bottle it. LOL