Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Project Clean-up

(Now lest you think this post is about me actually cleaning my house, it is still in it's state of disarray. I haven't gone that crazy yet.)

I have a problem. Every time I go to the store, if I have an extra minute, I will look through the fabric remnant rack. Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing because I have been able to make skirts for my girls for under $2. But I keep buying fabric when I still have old stuff. So last week, I got out all the fabric I had (some from before we got married) and ironed it all. If you know me, you'll know that ironing is one of my least favorite chores.

So now, all the fabric is ironed and draped over the back of a chair. I have finished a couple of projects, but still have a large pile of fabric. And since I hate ironing, I refuse to shove it back into a tote. So my dining room table has been out of commission for over a week. I am trying to get this all done this week. Most of the remnants are small so I am just making skirts for the girls (and seeing as how I am having another one--I see it as less sewing in the future!)

I made Thumbelina a Valentine skirt 2 years ago (with a matching bow tie for ET, and awful jumper for baby Munchkin) and it is too small for her this year. I still had remnants of that fabric, so I made her a new skirt and matching shirt. (I still need to add the ruffle at the bottom of the skirt and shirtET wanted a Valentine shirt, too, but wasn't too keen on hearts and birds. So after consulting with my Mom, and a trip to the store for some black remnants (are you beginning to see the problem here?) I finished ET's shirt today. I think it may just be the best thing I have ever made.
Now I just have to finish Munchkin's shirt, and Valentine clothes are done. But last night, I figured that I have enough of the black remnant left over to make a black skirt for Munchkin.
I need someone to break me out of this cycle!


Diana said...

Wow! You have an amazing talent!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness Erin you are too cute! i'm always impressed by your creativity. i think i should be calling you for ideas....
your favorite cousin

Andrew and BreiAnne said...

I love the "love machine" shirt it's adorable! Congrats on the wonderful talent!

Shaunee said...

So cute. I wish I could do that. Do you teach lessons?

lauralquinton said...

Oh my heck. Where do I place my order?

Stacy Wilson said...

seriously....you should sell the love machine shirt on etsy. it is TOOOO CUTE!! I don't know how you have time to do any of this!