Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The End Of Etsy...Kinda

Some brilliant law makers passed a new bill to keep our children safe from toxic chemicals in their toys and playthings. However, the vagueness with which this bill was written will effectively put me out of business.

(Basically it states that in order to sell things intended for use by children 12 or under, I have to use a third party to safety test all of my products. This safety testing costs thousands of dollars...per item.)

While my pregnant body is rejoicing at the thought of never sewing again, my Paypal account is weeping. If they ever get this figured out, I will probably jump back on the Etsy wagon, but for now, I am done. Well, as done as I can be with three totes full of fleece sitting in my dining room.

Come February, I cannot sell any more baby toys. I think I am allowed to sell instructions still, but that doesn't help me get rid of any fleece!

We had a good run, Etsy. You mostly paid for Christmas this year. And look what I just ordered:

How cute are those?!

Anyway, now that I may have some free time, maybe I can finish up some of my own Thank you cards, or that blanket I started crocheting before ET was born, or the girls Christmas dresses that are effectively becoming their Valentine's dresses...or maybe I could just start with getting all my laundry folded.


Shaunee said...

Oh I'm so sorry! That stinks :( Hopefully you can enjoy the extra time off!

Jeremy and Becky said...
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Don Mills Diva said...

OMG I hadn't heard about that! I think it's terrible that overzealous regulators can put someone like you out of business...

Andrea said...


Jeremy and Becky said...

Could you sell the kits for moms to make? that might help you get your supply down.