Wednesday, January 21, 2009

St. Valentine

My kids have somehow figured out that the next holiday is Valentine's Day. I don't know who told them or why they are soooooo excited about it.

They have been making "Valentine cards" for the last week. Of course, their version of Valentine cards includes a piece of construction paper and as many stickers as they can stick on. (I am not complaining about this one because it did keep them entertained when I had to drag all three to the OB this morning.) I keep putting off the stamps and paint until Dad can help.
Every treat we make has to be valentine related. The cake for FHE treat? Pink frosting with cupid corn decorations.
Cupcakes? The same. I am not getting into the sugar cookie goodness until at least February.

Our house has been decorated with much more to do. After all, what good are doilies unless they are decorating something. I lost my Valentine decorations (which consisted of three votive candle holders) so I had to make new ones. Gotta love the Dollar Store!
The window got painted today--during naptime of course, and the doilies are going on the window tomorrow when I need them to be distracted while hubby is at school.

ET has already bought his Valentine cards, and asked his teacher how many kids are in his class.

The sad thing is: my kids think they are getting presents. I've tried to tell them that every holiday is not a present holiday. There was much confusion and a bit of anger on New Years. I told ET that he might get some candy and a little present. His face lit up as he asked, "Like a new BIKE?!!"

Try reasoning with an almost 6 year old. I am so losing!

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lauralquinton said...

I didn't know they made valentine candy corn!!! And where do you get the energy to make cake and cupcakes and all of that stuff? You're my very pregnant hero!!