Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I may be out of a job.

No more dishes (ET and Thumbelina fight over who's turn it is to scrub the dishes), no more diaper changes (Munchkin is very patient with her big brother), and no more laundry folding since Thumbelina learned to fold clothes.

I could get used to this!


Diana said...

Can I have him come live with us? Or you come ove and teach my boys how to do that stuff!! Thanks

Andrew and BreiAnne said...

That's cute that they are trying to "be like you." It's good for you that they can do those things... pretty soon you'll be making chore charts!

Shaunee said...

Dang! That's great! I could use some of that over at my house. I do have a great person who loves to throw the diapers away!

Laura said...

Way to go --- way to get them trained - now you will have just baby to worry about!!!!! Hee Hee!