Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Munchkin has a new favorite phrase:

"Hey! Why you being mean?!"

But best of all is the face that goes with it!


I am a little blah. I don't know how to describe what I am feeling. I tried to tell my husband and he laughed at me. We are having a girl. Our third girl. I was prepared for a boy. We (I) even had a name all picked out: Noah. Now I am not saying that I don't want this girl or that I am not thrilled at this new baby girl coming into our family. It's just that I was sure it would be a boy that would complete our family. I had been right on the other three so I was sure I was right with this one. So I find myself a little out of sorts, almost mourning the baby boy that never was. This is our last child, unless they figure a way for the men to have the babies...and then it is for sure our last one!

I think I have figured it out. We don't have a name for her. Not even a list that we like but can't decide between. I have been through my baby name book over and over. I have scoured the internet and I can't seem to find a name that I love. So this is where you come in, oh faithful readers. I need a name that is normal enough, but not common.

Does that make sense? Oh yeah, and it can't have any negative ties to anyone in my or hubby's past. Can you help me? Please help me!


Laura said...

OK - that video is way too cute!!

I can totally relate to you regarding the name and the strange "let down". I had that with our second - was sure it was a girl and then it was a boy and we had no names for is all hormomes and over- thinking the situation.

Hang in there...and remember - healthy...that is what matters.


Ashley and Jeremy said...

My sister was pregnant with her first baby and was SURE it was a girl. well it was a boy, and she cried when she found out. I don't really get it (probably because i have no babies) but at least you aren't alone!

The Strickland Gang said...

I know exactly what you are feeling. I thought mine was a girl and I was right on the sex of my other 3. My hubby says we are done but I beg to differ. Aspen has to have a sister. We still have no name either and it sucks. We can just switch babies if you'd like. j/k :) Anyway it is true just to think healthy.

Anonymous said...

I vote Dylan. So cute for a girl, but different.

Thelissa said...

I want to name a girl Darcy. Love it. Maybe you do too?

Comeaus said...

We have the same problem in reverse - a list full of girl names and zero boy names. My favorite girl names: Daniella, Lia, Alivia.

Diana said...

I have had the name McKenna picked out for a girl ever since I had McKay(10years ago). But I am not meant to have girls and we too are done with babies. So my vote is for that name! Congrats on the girl!!!

Jeremy and Becky said...

How about:

Natalie B. said...

These are just a few from my leftover list, I didn't use them because they didn't sound cute together as twin names.
Bianca, I really just wanted the nic name Bi
Brooklyn, I still really like this one but Emma's middle name is Lynne so I think that is too many lynns, if you know what I mean.
Kopenhagen, just kidding, but I did see a baby named this on the nursery website.
Ellie, if you pick this name Eli won't feel all by himself
Nevaeh- just kidding, all the NICU nurses would make fun of this name, it's heaven spelled backwards. in that case the list is limitless, just spell something backwards- happy hunting!

lauralquinton said...

I like the name Sophie. That's what I wanted to name Abbie but Mike gave it the axe. If we were to have another girl, which we won't, but those times when I was pregnant I was going with Lynnzie. But you could make it Lynzie. I was using Lynn because of mom. My cousin just named her baby Eliza Jane. And that's about all that I can think of. I threw my list out about a year ago. :) I'm sure you'll find the perfect name. What about Norah it's similar to Noah or Noahlee (Noelie) that's cute. I like the Noahlee spelling. Anyway ttyl, L

uteviking76 said...

Well if you guys we're expecting a boy and were going to go with Noah, might I suggest Noelle?

The Rose Family said...

OK since everyone else is weighing in, I too will add a couple of the names that we likes. I like Margaret (Maggie) and Vivian, Lucy, Margo, Elise, Bonnie and Betsy (alliterative too!). Feel free to use any of them that you'd like to. Just don't name her Rachel and call her Rachey-- I think I threw up a little in my mouth.

Gustogirl said...

Congrats on the girl, even though it was a shock! I guess I will add my own two cents about what girl names to use. I love the name Claire, but some other nice ones are Elise, Sadie, or Jane. As you can tell, I am a fan of uber feminine names. Good luck in choosing!

Stacy Wilson said...

It's a little late but here are some names that I like....I agree with what someone else said about it. We have a Kate and the next will be Lilly, we were debating with Brooklyn. Sadie, Piper, Halie, and Paige. are some others that I've thought of