Monday, February 2, 2009

Undone Plans

We had big plans for Saturday. Oil change for the car, birthday party shopping, Doc's Pizza for lunch (per the kids' request) and major grocery shopping. Our first stop was for the oil change. I ran to the grocery store across the parking lot to find some Tums and my debit card was declined. I immediately got nervous about how we were going to pay for the oil change if our card wasn't working. So hubby called the bank and they said they couldn't see why it wouldn't go through.

Of course it didn't go through. So after another call to the bank and being transferred to some 1-800 number, we found out that there had been fraudulent activity on our card and so they froze it.

We had gotten cash out already for lunch, but other than that, we were stuck.

Luckily, the car place took our check, and we were able to order new cards at the bank; but it really messed with our plans for the day. Our day ended up being infinitely longer than we had planned.

...all because some loser used our card number on Napster. I didn't even know Napster was still around.


Stacy Wilson said...

that's amazing that they were able to even notice that it was fradulent (sp?) activity. Trust me, better that they freeze your card and you get new ones than having to deal with identity theft.
Sorry that it made your day longer than planned, that usually puts me in a bad mood.

Shaunee said...

Ohhh... scary! Sorry about the hassle. At least the bank was smart enough to freeze it.

Paul said...

Been there, done that. Only luckily we didn't try to use it, the bank called us. We actually had both our credit and our debit card compromised within about 6 weeks of each other. A little sketchy, huh. Make sure they credit you back your money. They are responsible to correct that, not you. What a bummer.


Erin said...

Thanks guys. We had used our card on Friday night with no problems. Apparently someone used our card number with the wrong name and address so they froze it before any charges went through. We love our bank--they are really good.

Anonymous said...

Napster's around??? I'm happy that things turned out. We had a checkbook stolen. That wasn't pretty. If I ever find the woman who used my name, she won't be able to say her own for 3 months.

Kristi O said...

oh my gosh! I am so sorry you had to go thru this!