Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Never Again

I am trying to figure out (still) what on earth I was thinking when I decided to let my son have a friend birthday party. In what universe does it seem logical to invite 7 six-year-old boys to your house for two hours when you are 6 months pregnant?! Not only that but equip them with party horns!!

But mostly I am wondering why my husband didn't stop the insanity.

For the record, ET had fun. I think all the boys were a little too much for the girls as they spent most of the time with Mom and Dad. Oh yeah, and my kids were the only ones who really ate anything. Munchkin had three pieces of pizza, Thumbelina had two, and ET had two. Every other kid didn't even finish their first piece. Same with the cake. And there were some kids who didn't want ice cream!

Still, we made it through and don't have to go there for another 2 years...unless I can't talk Thumbelina out of a party this summer.

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Shaunee said...

I'm thinking the same thing. I can't believe you did that! My kids get a get-together with their cousins and that's about it.