Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Compare and Contrast

I am totally over not having another boy. I am glad I will be having a girl for a few very selfish reasons:

1. I bought a lot of new 0-3 month clothes with Munchkin and am so excited to use them again. I refuse to go through all of ET's old clothes because it would totally negate this.

2. Girls eat less than boys. ET is my only boy and will not stop growing! He is in size 8-10 clothes and will be six years old in 2 weeks. For dinner tonight he ate 4 slices of pizza, fruit salad, 2 cherry tomatoes, and baby carrots and ranch. When I asked him if he was full, he said, "not yet but I need to save some room for dessert." In comparison, I can't remember the last time the girls got dessert because they never finish their first helping of dinner. I am officially dreading the teenage years just for my grocery bill!


Diana said...

Try having 4 boys!!! I am so scared about paying for food and sports.

Snyder Family said...

I don't know where I have been because I thought you were having another boy. I wish I could have a girl. One of these days. But you are right, boys are big big eaters. Mine just eat all the time. They are expensive to keep happy when it comes to that. Hope all is well and you are feeling good.