Thursday, February 19, 2009

He's 6 Years Old!

I am here to testify that 6 is great! For the past two weeks, ET has been very respectful, helpful and just plain sweet. For example:

*tonight he said, Thanks for dinner, Mom," for mac and cheese and tater tots
* I was sewing and stood up and had a sharp sciatic pain. He said, "I'm sorry you hurt Mom; you should go lay down for a while."
* Munchkin fell off her stool and got a bloody lip. He kept telling her he was sorry she fell.

(Disclaimer--he still argues when asked to do chores or something he doesn't like but on the whole...)

He is so excited for every day. Today he was excited to get his birthday crown and goody bag at school. Tomorrow he is excited for centers at school and his party. All the time he is saying, "I can't wait for ..."
I saw this fantastic idea on another blog (sorry I don't remember which one) where she makes (appliques) birthday shirts for her kids. I asked ET if he wanted one. Batman please, with a 6 on the back. I tried to talk him into the stick numbers (you know where you do 4 straight lines and #5 crosses over it) but he wanted a 6. Great! Curvy lines! He was so excited to wear it and at least three times on the way into school, he dropped his backpack trying to show someone how old he was.
He invited 7 boys to his birthday party. We are really just recycling his party from last year (substituting Batman for Spiderman, of course) because he is inviting all different kids. So 7 boys (who have all rsvp'd) plus ET and Thumbelina makes 9 kids. Add Munchkin in there and that takes us up to about 37!
He got to go shopping with us last night for a few party things we forgot. We put the girls to bed and let my brother listen for them. It is fun going shopping with just one kid. There is no fighting, no arguing over who gets to push the cart, and the things he said were just hilarious!
Now we just have to decorate and wrap presents...


Laura said...

That shirt ROCKS!!!!!

Happy Birthday to your little man!

Shaunee said...

Happy Birthday Big Guy! Paige is always asking how old and how big he is... I think she still misses him. Hope he has a great day!