Thursday, November 27, 2008


As of last night around 6 pm, our dryer is still broken. The repair guy came and needs to order a part and will be back on Monday to fix it. So our dryer is taken apart and our dirty laundry has creeped into the kitchen under the counter. I start the oven to roast the sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving. They need to cook for 30 minutes. I remember them about 45 minutes later and rush into the kitchen. Little problem...the oven isn't even remotely warm much less hot enough to roast my potatoes (or my turkey the next day!!) My wonderful husband called our landlords to tell them of our plight. They laughed. Our dryer last week, our oven this week. (I wonder what next week will hold!)

Then they remembered that they had an oven at their house. An extra oven. An extra oven that worked and that they could bring over.

So less than 30 minutes later, my sweet potatoes were roasting away in a hot oven.

So while on this great Thanksgiving day I am grateful for so many things, I am especially grateful for that extra oven...and all the turkey I can eat.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Laura said...

WOW - lots to give thanks for...especially a yummy, cooked dinner!

My new stove broke the first year we had our new house and were hosting...I was so upset!

Rhonda Barnes said...

Oh my gosh....we were so busy Thanksgiving preparing a meal for 15 we didn't call you....I thought my dishwasher was broken that morning and totally had a melt down. How aweful your dryer doesn't work!!!! and you oven in one day? Hope they will fix it soon! thinking of your. (oh ya when my dishwasher was working again I was never so thankful for anything in my ever loving life when it came time to do the dishes! love ya Rhonda