Friday, November 7, 2008


Fridays around here are really just another day since hubby still has night class.

BUT...Fridays bring Saturdays; and that is something to celebrate!

Hubby home all day, cooking breakfast, changing all the poopy diapers, and ...

(drumroll please)

Letting me sleep in!

Well, maybe not so much letting me as realizing that I am not getting up with the kids so eventually he does.

But lest you think I am heartless toward my hard working husband, he gets to sleep in on Sundays.

At least until January and we switch to morning church!


The Sweet Escape said...

Hooray for the great hubby!!

Diana said...

I love Husband that are so supportive! HOOORAYYYY!!!!

Diana said...
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Laura said...

Ya for you...and you can always play the "making baby card, need rest"

Cheers! Happy Weekend!