Sunday, November 30, 2008

Catch Up

A lot has happened that really hasn't warranted it's own blog post. Here we go:

ET is now a purple stripe belt in Karate.

Thumbelina is a Karate drop-out (but a brand new yellow stripe on the way out.)

Munchkin new favorite phrase is "No! I do it myself!"

Munchkin can buckle her own carseat in under 5 minutes.

Munchkin can (and does) dress herself every day. Including shoes.

Thumbelina's bangs are finally long enough to pull back.

We moved the playroom to the huge 'master bedroom' and finally got it all set up.

My dryer is getting fixed tomorrow.

I am making most of our Christmas presents this year. And I got two done today!

I finally got the counter cleaned off in the kitchen so the kids can eat in there again. Now we only have one room with food all over the floor.

Hubby has kept up on the dishes all weekend!

I still have a range sitting in my driveway. If I ever need more than 4 burners...

We still have lots of Thanksgiving leftovers--I may not have to cook all week!

I am bummed that tomorrow is Monday, hubby has to go back to work, and I don't get to sleep in anymore.


Shaunee said...

Very cute... and AMEN to tomorrow being Monday. I'm not ready for the Thanksgiving weekend to be over :(

Laura said...

WOW - busy, but wonderful household!

Christmas eve ultrasound - VERY COOL!