Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Was Just as Nervous

The Primary Sacrament Presentation was today. We didn't rush to get ready, we just started earlier. Both kids kept saying they were nervous. (Me, too!) We got to the church 5 minutes early and it was packed. We had to sit in the back. Both kids knew their parts, but only ET had ever said it in practice. Thumbelina was always too scared, which is about par for the Sunbeams. I bribed the kids with candy if they would say their parts. About 30 seconds before the kids were supposed to go up to the stand, both kids said they had to go potty. Typical!

Thumbelina didn't say her line (along with about half of her class), and didn't go and stand by them to sing their song. She sat in her chair for the first 15 minutes and then sat on a nice lady's lap...and fell asleep.

ET did great! Last year his dad had to go and sit by him because he couldn't behave, but what a difference a year makes! He said his line nice and loud (but not too loud--you know what I mean!), sang the songs and was quiet the rest of the time.

Thumbelina did let me do her hair without too much hassle. It is getting longer but we are still stuck with variations on the puffy braid. I had to run to the store yesterday and get some ribbon that would match her last year's Christmas dress from Grandma, but I made a cute bow (with absolutely no cursing) and her hair turned out great. She wouldn't let me take a picture of all of her.

(I gotta say it was so easy just having to occupy Munchkin today!)

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