Monday, November 17, 2008

Slight Misinformation

I have been lying to my son.

I know--not the best course of action, but I think I am doing it for good reasons.

You see, these are the lies I am telling him.

1. You can only be a father after you are married. (After he asked my 17 year old brother if he was a father to anyone.)

2. You can only get married after you get home from your mission. (After he asked my brother if he was married.)

While these are lies in the grand scheme of things, I hope they will become truths in his life. SO... does that really make it lying?


Last week he asked me if he could go on his "mission to outer space and tell the aliens about Jesus." I told him missions are pretty much earth-bound right now.


Laura said...

That is way too cute!

I had to explain to my little guy that one wife is enough....

Shaunee said...

So cute! I don't think that anything is wrong with that. We've told our girls that Daddy can only be their boyfriend until they get married.

He will be a great missionary one day!

Gustogirl said...

Awhile back, before all the Prop 8 hubbub, my kids and I had a conversation about marriage. I had to lie and tell them that boys can't marry boys and girls can't marry girls. Of course, that is a lie in some places in our world. For now though it is a lie I am sticking with. That will be a grown up discussion for another time!!