Sunday, June 28, 2009

Notes to Self

*Just plan on missing Sunday School until you stop nursing. After taking Munchkin and Thumbelina potty, and Squirt taking at least 30 minutes to eat--just plan on spending that class time in the Mother's Lounge.

*Really think about what you decide to wear to church and if it will be nursing friendly. I wore a wrap shirt today with a tank top underneath and had to totally untie the shirt to feed Squirt.

*Sew Munchkin's dress closed. It's a little jean dress with snaps all down the front. She took it off three times before we left the house. Thank goodness she fell asleep in Nursery or we probably would have had a repeat.

*Make sure Munchkin enters the bench area unassisted, and exits the drinking fountain with much assistance. Hubby ran her into the bench in front of ours as he was trying to guide her in. Then, she stumbled down the steps at the drinking fountain because I let go of her hand.

*Hide church bags so the kids can't lose all the crayons

Next Sunday should be a breeze!


Shaunee said...

I don't think my Sundays ever get easier. We'll see how it goes with 4! I'll be watching how you do it.

The Sweet Escape said...

Haahahaha! Super mom! I'm at a point when class is super boring, I'm begging moms to let me take care of their crying baby! I don't have one of my own for an excuse! :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet Escape - how could you say boring! I am always bright eyed and wide awake in class. I do love the lessons. Good times.