Sunday, June 14, 2009


While at my cousin's wedding yesterday, my aunt told me she has been reading my blog.

When I started this blog, I didn't tell anyone about it. After about a month, I told my sister. (She is my best friend after all.) A month or two after that, hubby's sister found out I had a blog. I wasn't actively trying to keep it a secret, but it was kind of nice when the only people reading your blog are random strangers. You can write whatever you want about whoever you want without any fear of repercussion. So for a while, my audience consisted of just a few family members and people I'd never met.

Then hubby told his co-workers about my blog. Once we had three kids, my trips to visit him at work significantly declined and the girls at work wanted to see picture of the kids. So instead of emailing himself some pictures, he let everyone at work know the inner workings of my mind.
(---Note to self--do not mention on blog if hubby calls in sick when he is not actually sick. Not that he would ever do that, but, you know, just in case...)

I adjusted to that. All of the girls at his work had kids and laughed with (or possibly at) me through my struggles. Then more people kept finding out. Some were offended I hadn't told them. Some stopped reading when I switched to nicknames for the kids and a new blog address.

Then I found some of the people in our ward had blogs. And they found mine. (PS-Esther, I would love to read your blog--I forget to ask you when I see you.)

When Squirt was born, hubby sent out a mass email to his whole list proclaiming the glad news...with a link to my blog for a picture.
(---Note to self--our ward is the greatest ward ever, we live in the best neighborhood, everyone is great!)

So let's recap. I have told exactly one person that I have a blog. My husband has told the rest of the world.

Every time I find out that someone new is reading my blog, there is that moment of panic as I try to remember everything I have ever written and if anything might offend them.

And then I remember this is my blog. I try to only write about my family. My kids may hate me for it later, but I figure as long as I am the one cleaning up any bodily fluids they may excrete, it's pretty much my right. So read on world. I think I have covered myself.

One more thing...if all these people are reading my blog, I am thinking my comment count is pretty low. I'm just saying...


Esther said...

Erin, I love reading about the inner workings of your mind! It's great fun. I can always hear hour voice in my head whenever I read your blog. I will invite you to my blog once I get your email address. I keep forgetting to ask you too! Keep it up!

Bfun1 said...

Erin - I do not know you - I live in Idaho and I love reading your blog - you make me laugh! I wander in and out probably daily to catch up on your new life experiences - your blog makes me smile and Congrats on your new little one!

Thelissa said...

I have the same thing. I hear about all these people reading my blog, but only like 5 comment. Bring on the comments!

Diana said...

I love your blog too. It is totally writting the way you talk nd makes me laugh. Hey if you get Esther's blog address I want it too. Have a great day:)

Anonymous said...

Erin - I love reading your blog! It helps me remember (fondly) what it was like when my kids were much younger, only you are a much more patient mom than I was! Keep it up. The kids are great. Hubby is great. And I promise not to tell anyone if he calls in sick and really isn't!

Note - I miss you bringing the kids in - and we haven't even met Squirt yet! Bring them in more often. We love it when you do. Gives us a break!

xo to all of you!

Mom #2

xo - Mom #2!

Shaunee said...

I love your blog! You always make me laugh! Thanks for the good times.

Molly said...

Your blog is hilarious! I love reading it. And I had the same little panic when I found out you read my blog.

Ashley and Jeremy said...

your blog is one of the most entertaining that I read..even though I've never met you or your kids so I hope you don't think i'm a creepy stalker...cause my husband makes enough fun of me for it. :)