Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This One Makes Me Smile

Squirt is such a great baby. She is teething right now. Let me tell ya--teething is so much easier in a 4 month old than a 9 month old! So she hasn't been sleeping very well at night. But I pulled out the Orajel today and she is my happy baby once again!

She loves carrots. (green beans--not so much!) She also loves bananas and applesauce and crackers.

I love that she wants to feed herself.

And she LOVES bathtime. So much so that she screams when I take her out.
I love that she loves the tub and we can move out of the sink. ( it took me 5 tries to get this picture because she wanted to play and would look away as soon as I took the picture. I have 4 great shots of the back of her head.)
I also love that they make a nighttime Orajel.


Melissa said...

My kids never liked Orajel. They love the teething tablets. Every tried those? They work so well too. I am all for those.
Yes, teething in a 9 mon. old is horrible. Our Owen is trying to cut 4 teeth right now and is just so terribly fussy.
How are you doing by they way?

The Rose Family said...

Happy Birthday to Eli. Hope it was a great day. We were thinking of calling, but Ru isn't so great at it yet.

Molly said...

Alice has been teething too. She's been GRUMPY! She's not a fan of Orajel, but she loves teething tablets and squeals with delight when she sees the bottle.