Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In A Funk

I am just blah lately. This week...I don't know. Just blah! Sunday was okay, but I feel that, for all I got out of church, I would've been better off staying home and taking a nap. Church starts at 1. Squirt goes down for her nap at 1. Awesome! I sewed Thumbelina a new dress that morning, and she cried when she had to put it on. So we took it off and gave it to Munchkin. (minor adjustments will have to be made) And I told Thumbelina I am never making her anything again.

Great start for a Sunday, right?!

Then, my shower was barely warm, with none of the kids bathed. Thumbelina cried through her bath and getting dressed and getting her hair done...but was surprisingly happy by the time we were ready to leave for church. ET was super spacey and had to keep being reminded to GET READY ALREADY!!! Munchkin will wear whatever, whenever, and understands that she doesn't have a choice in getting her hair done.

So I spent most of the first hour trying to get Squirt to sleep. Between her dozing off only to be woken up by Munchkin, and screaming, it was fun for all. Then we realized we forgot her bottle. Great! She did okay the second and third hours but only if I played with her.

And my week has just kind of gone on like that!

Squirt is teething. And while it has not caused her to completely meltdown, there is a definite crankiness in the air. Luckily, (knocking on wood, crossing my fingers, throwing salt over my shoulder and spitting twice into the wind) she has been sleeping great at night.

Yesterday, most of my stuff got pulled from my shop for some infringment stupidity. But, I guess, this company has been doing this to a lot of Esty sellers and I think I figured out what their problem is.

Then I got a call from Target's security dept asking if I had made a $3400 order on their site. Nope, not me! Whoever it was, used my name and address and phone number, but not my card. So now I get to try and figure that one out. Not quite sure what they were going to do when the order came to my house...

The week hasn't been all bad though. The kids have been doing okay, and we have been doing our scripture reading every morning before school and at night before bed. We are doing a Valentine Countdown with the kids with a fun activity every day, so last night, we watched a bit of Groundhog Day. But then everyone was being snarky so it was bedtime. I got all my laundry folded last night. I think I figured it out. I put it all on my bed. So I had to fold it all before I could go to sleep. I have baskets and piles but, darn it, it's all folded! YAY ME!!

4 neighborhood kids came over on Monday to play and I realized that I am not ready for that! At least not until it's Spring and I can send them outside!! The playroom still hasn't recovered.

At least it's warmer, I guess.


The Rose Family said...

At least you know where the keys are. That's the straw that breaks the camels back. Sorry it's a blah week. Those suck big time. You can always ship your kids out here. I take my test tomorrow, so I will be free to watch them-- or drug them. Hope you have a better Wednesday.

Diana said...

I feel you on the church thing. 1 church is the worse. I do not think I made it to much of church last year. Most of the time it was just sacrament then home to lay kids down for naps. thank goodness we switch every year.

Anonymous said...

It IS warmer!! My kids said it felt like spring today (yay). Sorry for your 1:00 church. That makes all the difference on a Sunday with a little one! I think once the weather thaws, the brain farts will be gone (I know mine will!). Happy Thursday!!

Melissa said...

I hear you on that! Amen, sista! Sorry to hear about the credit card thing. What a mess, hope you get that fixed fast.