Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Love Machine Rides Again

Remember this shirt that I made for the boy last Vday?

He had a box decorating contest at school--you know a Valentine holder box thing--and we used this shirt as our inspiration. I cut and glued the boxes and tubes and ET did everything else.

(Please excuse the mess that is the dining room table aka the kids craft table (or as Munchkin calls it --the crap table.))
And then, "everyone won"...but his was totally the coolest! He picked out the mirror eyes and reflector mouth all by himself.
Check out that awesome Valentine shirt he's wearing. Since you can't see it all, it says 'I love you to death' with a skull. AWESOME!!!


Esther said...

Amazing, Erin! I love the Love Machine and I love his t-shirt! If I'm ever stumped for crafting ideas (which I am a lot since I never craft) I will be calling you.

The Strickland Gang said...

That is the coolest ever and I love his shirt!