Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Can't Believe I Have a 7 Year-Old

My boy turned 7 yesterday! (You would think I would be better at this whole parenting thing after doing it for 7 years!)

The day started off with the unveiling of his birthday shirt:

Then I sent him off to school with his birthday treats and got started on his party stuff for that night.
He was going to do something else for his special birthday treat but it fell through on Wednesday so I told him he could invite 2 friends over for a movie party. Then things kinda morphed from there. I wanted him to have a cool party but didn't want to spend a ton of money and didn't have a lot of time. And I was also sick and Squirt was crazy miserable so she wasn't sleeping well at night.

So Eli decided on a Pirate theme. So we bleached skull shirts--freezer paper is AWESOME!!!
I made pirate loot bags, eye patches, a treasure map and a treasure chest. I had most everything on hand. I got the t-shirts at the dollar store and had to buy ribbon for the bag ties because I didn't want to sew them.

I researched pirate cakes on the internet and found some cool ship ones. So I got some gold (rolos) and cannon balls (whoppers) and made the cake and the island. The water is Cool Whip tinted blue.
Then the kids came and MAN! Boys are loud!!! Especially pirate boys!
Pizza, then presents:
Then cake. I was worried that the cannons (candles) would catch the sails on fire!

Then they played with all his presents until it was time to go home.
This is a picture of all the stuff. ET kept the map and the chest. Each of the boys got a shirt, eye patch, map notebook, million dollar chocolate bar, more gold (rolos) and jewelry (silver and gold necklaces, rings and ring pops.)
It was pretty cool for only spending two days planning and executing it. If we had had more time, we would have had the kids go on a treasure hunt by putting electrical tape dashes on the floor for them to follow. And now, ET has three more skull shirts to add to his wardrobe--his birthday one, the party one and he got another one as a gift. That kid and skulls. At least he's not scared of them!!


jen said...

Tell et happy birthday from us! Looks like a fun party!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This helped a lot! I've seen a couple
rather confusing blogs lately, this cleared up some confusion I had.

Rhonda Barnes said...

What a fun party!!! Did you find the hidden treasure? Hope you got your birthday card ok. Love Grandma

Anonymous said...

What a cute party idea! I love the cake!