Sunday, November 28, 2010

Temple Challenge

Last month, the kids were challenged in Primary to visit temples in Utah. So far, we have been to three. Salt Lake--two days after Thanksgiving so the lights would be on. Always enthralled by the fountains
And any type of water feature.
We decided on this shot because the stone slab had a waiting line.
Squirt was less than thrilled about the whole thing.
Mount Timpanogos for Family Night
And the Provo temple
The kids are having so much fun checking them off their lists. They were very upset with us when we wouldn't let them roll down the hill at the Provo Temple.


Alisa said...

Hey there! Happy Thanksgiving! The meal on the post before made my mouth water!
By the way, Levi LOVES his letters!

The Rose Family said...

looks like fun to me. We are doing a similar challenge with jack at the helm... visiting all the waterparks in the UAE. Not as spiritual, but still fun family time. I miss the cold.

Becky said...

Awesome! Too bad it is so cold outside!

Ashley Dudley said...

you are such a mean mom, every kid should roll down hills and ruin their the middle of winter :)