Monday, November 1, 2010

House in Order

Halloween is over. I have been so focused on getting everything ready for Halloween that my other chores have been neglected. Here are some hilights of the Halloween things and then I am off to fix the disaster that has become my house.
Jack O Lantern carving. The boy picked the flaming skull, Thumbelina picked the star eyes and heart mouth, and Munchkin picked Mickey Mouse. Squirt got what she got since she was taking a nap when we carved them.
Lots of blood for the boy---of course!

Lots of glitter for the mermaid---even if she is wearing snowboots.

The whole gang.

Complete with ninja moves.
Now I have to fix my house so I can do my Sharing Time for Sunday!


The Sweet Escape said...

Love the costumes, and the excess amounts of blood ( you can never go wrong with too much blood on Halloween with a boy!). Glad you had a great holiday!!

Rhonda Barnes said...

What great it they can come and trick or treat my house! love ya all grandma Barnes