Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweet Justice

A few weeks back, Hubby called on his way home from class to tell me he'd gotten a parking ticket. My first thought was--didn't we pay $80 for a parking permit?! He told me how he'd come out of class, walked to his car, and found the ticket. He also found his parking permit missing. So he went to the parking police office and explained the situation to them. They had him fill out some paperwork to get out of the ticket and get a new pass. While he was filling this out, the parking police office person called the actual parking police guy out giving tickets. Hubby's ticket was given within the last hour, and he would look around for his permit. 5 minutes later the guy called back. He'd found the permit in another car, and would bring it to the office. While hubby was waiting for his permit to be returned, he asked what would happen to the person who took it.

* Car impounded
**Actual theft charges filed

Hubby then asked how much the impound fee would be.


Lessons learned:

1. Lock your car doors in the school parking lot.
2. $80 permit is less than $300 impound fee
3. UVU parking police don't mess around!


crystal said...

Oh, justissss! (whenever I see someone pulled over getting a ticket, I hiss "justissss" with great gusto.

Yeah--and my 11yr old son hissed it in my face, from the passenger seat, when i got a ticket.


The Sweet Escape said...

Well, well. I would have taken a key to the side of that other person's car for stealing my permit, right before they impounded it! Glad it all worked out!

Anonymous said...

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