Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Squirt is the "Fa..shizzle"


A year seems like a long time until you look at pictures of you from last year. The doctors told us it was a girl but you only looked like a purple blob trying to be a baby. I thought to myself, I don't even remember the little turd as the quiet one that slept all the time. Well, anyway, you are homing in on your first year of existence and you are in for a real treat. (the treat is all the in-laws scheduled to land down right in our living room). You will be partaking of your FIRST BIRTHDAY EXPERIENCE, which will include but not limiting you to massacring a cake, eating way to much sugar and having your older sibling open all of your presents so you can play with the wrapping paper or plastic bags. (Janet, if you are reading this she will be under strict adult supervision.)

Hoo Rah for Squirt and Happy Birthday!


Don't let mom know about this post, she wasn't looking when I logged in on her account. Its easy when she has the same password for everything. It will be our little secret.... shhhhhh

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lauralquinton said...

LOL. super cute. I doubt Mike even knows about my blogs. And I use the same password for everything too. LOL. Just easier that way.