Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ode to the Best Sleeper in the World

Your first night home, you slept 5 hours before I woke you to eat. The second night, you slept 7 hours before I woke you. The third night, I was tired and I didn't wake you. Eight hours and 15 minutes after we put you to bed, you decided to wake up and eat.

And still, to this day, you sleep all night long, every night...unless you have croup or ear infections or teeth hurting you. But you did manage to pop out your last tooth with just a fever and a bit of grumpiness, while still sleeping all night.

Thank you for this wonderful gift.


Thelissa said...

Amen sister!

The Rose Family said...

you're just trying to make me cry, right?? Actually, she's eating and going right back down now, so that's good. And last night I got 3 hours straight!! DOn't laugh!