Monday, May 3, 2010

Big Girl...Inadvertently

Remember this crib?
Not only could the drop side detatch and suffocate the baby, but it turns out the frame can collapse, also endangering the baby.

So we (and by we, I, of course, mean I) took it apart, packed it into the car, and took it back to the store for our refund. Which left Squirt without a crib and a dresser. We just put a mattress on the floor. After getting up the 20th time because she had rolled off the mattress, we needed to figure out something else. We didn't want to buy another crib since she is our last and wouldn't need it for very much longer anyway. So we (and again, by we I mean I) stole the boy's bed (it already had the bunk bed rails on it) and put it together in the girls room.

However, now her favorite game is to stand up against the rails and throw her Carebear over the side and cry until someone retrieves it for her.
But she sleeps pretty well at know, when she's not teething.

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Shaunee said...

I'm glad things worked out for you! We still have to put Zac in a big bed. Not because I don't want to, but we are waiting until our basement is finished and move the girls down there. Then we will move Zac into their room and Ells will take the crib. Ahhh, the growing up process!