Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yesterday was a rough day. I was done with one of my kids about an hour after school let out. I may have said, "Go to your room until Dad gets home!" There may have been yelling and screaming...on both our parts. I did manage to keep my cool with the other kids. But today... Today is a different story. Today will be a good day!

( I saw this in an email from Etsy. Go here to see for yourself all the positiveness in this shop.)

So this is my mantra today. Go. Be happy.


Diana said...

I need to be more positive too! Way to be a good Mom:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your short post. I really, REALLY needed it today!!

Esther said...

Sounds like you and I were having the same day, a block apart. Here's to tomorrow!