Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Have a Three Year Old...Again

Munchkin is 3! She finally "changed numbers." She is so hard to shop for since she is thrilled with anything. She isn't really obsessed about any one thing like the other kids. She does like Wubbzy, though. She got a Wubbzy video for her last birthday and the Wubb Idol video (with Beyonce) for Christmas. So I looked for Wubbzy stuff but he is marketed for a younger crowd. So I figured out a pattern and made her a Wubbzy stuffed animal. I got that finished the week before her birthday and then I had to talk her out of an Elmo cake.

It's not that we don't like Elmo but the thought of all the red frosting made me want to cry. So I talked her into a Wubbzy cake. I made the cake from scratch and the frosting too. Chocolate and chocolate...YUM!
It was bigger than I had planned and we still have half in the fridge.
Then, the morning of her birthday (yesterday), hubby took ET to get her some balloons. Our kids love balloons--all kinds of balloons.
We had already gotten her presents when I saw an ad on Craigslist for the Rose Petal Cottage and Cherry Blossom Market--new in box. Normally these two would run around $150 but we got them for $45. They seem pretty sturdy, too, but only time will tell. The kids all love them and played in them pretty much all day.
After dinner, we had a party! We invited all of my family that lives close. My brother is in town and my other brother and my cousin are at BYU and my Aunt lives here. So everyone brought their significant others and there was plenty of cake to go around...4 times :)
The party animals: *my cousin came later
Look at that giant cake!
And the birthday girl in her party clothes. Sparkly, ruffly skirt? Check!
This morning, we played with static
And Squirt even got a chance to play with the balloons.
So happy birthday Munchkin! I can't believe you're only three!


lauralquinton said...

that cake is HUGE!! LOL. Congrats on your little 3 yr old! You're a great mom and your kids will always remember what fun times they had growing up. (and you're so crafty!)

The Strickland Gang said...

I loved her skirt...It was so cute! You are so lucky to have all those little girls!

Diana said...

I swear we all just had these babies in the good old 1st ward. Now they are all starting to turn 3 crazy how time flys:) Let me know what you think about preschool!

Rhonda Barnes said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you wish I could of been to your birthday party!!!!Did you get the oregon calendar yet? You will love all the pics from our trip and your cousins and Aunts and Uncles and grandma and you!!!Grandma Barnes

Rhonda Barnes said...

Oh by the way Erin that cake is great!!!!and love the stuff thing you made, I have no clue what it is? Cartoon characters are foreign to me these days

Molly said...

Happy Birthday Munchkin! The cake looked fabulous and yummy too. You can't really get much better than a chocolate/chocolate cake!