Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I don't have a ton of holiday decorations but after Christmas, my house always looks naked. So I wait a week or two and then throw up the Valentine's decorations I have. Then I start thinking about what kind of Valentine's the kids will hand out. ET gets Valentine cards from his Karate school so I don't have to worry about that. Last year, we had already bought some Batman sticker Valentines for him so he stuck those on the backs of the Karate ones. Thumbelina wanted some too so she picked out some Fairy ones (also stickers) that are adorning her dresser drawers.

This year, ET is getting his Karate ones--easy peasy. Thumbelina is in Kindergarten so she gets to give out cards this more than just cousins. So I searched the internet and found a couple of easy-to-let-a-5-year-old-help ideas and let her pick one. So we are combining this one from Chef Messy:

With this one from The Long Thread:

She likes the round shape but doesn't get the "for 'crayon' out loud" part. We have already completed the melting of the crayons. I didn't want to buy a heart pan just to use for crayons so I found some silicon-ish ice cube trays at Target in the Dollar section and they totally don't melt in the oven! The shape isn't as sharp as a metal pan but there is no mistaking the heart shape. Can I just say I love putting the metallic crayons in! All of the crayons have metallic swirls in them.
Now to find my mat and cut out the circles so she can stick them all together. Then I will have to hide them until Valentines Day.

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The Rose Family said...

once again I bow before your crafty throne. Very nice. I will steal them and use also. Har har har! Hope you are doing OK. and that your kids aren't sick.