Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We cooked a turkey on Sunday.

I had to come home and pump during Sunday School and it smelled sooo good! We made mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and a pumpkin cake. It was fantastic!

Why did we cook a turkey in October when we are going to have another one in November? Because our freezer is too full of breastmilk and the turkey was taking up too much room.


Spencer said...

Could you send me the Turkey leg? I'm really craving one!

Shaunee said...

I LOVE turkey dinner... no matter what time of the year. Sounds like it was delicious!

The Rose Family said...

show-off! Too bad that I'm not there to eat that whole turkey-- it's lunch time and I'm starving. I agree-- thanksgiving dinner is great even in October.

lauralquinton said...

perfect timing for Canadian Thanksgiving. We ate Turkey on Sunday too (our Thanksgiving was Monday). It looked fantabulous. We'll be in YC for American Thanksgiving and I must say I am looking forward to some good food and turkey!!