Monday, October 12, 2009

And By Some Miracle...

Usually, if all the kids are home, ET and Thumbelina (being so close in age) make up a ton of games to play with which Munchkin cannot keep up. I am not sure if they plan the games that way or it that's just how it happens. But Munchkin is always the third wheel.

This weekend, ET was so consumed with the computer that the girls played together without any fights for a good long while. (Now this 'good long while' may have been 20 minutes, it may have been 2 hours, it was so nice to have no fighting it seemed like an eternity!)

I didn't even care that their playing involved taking every single one of their gajillion CareBears outside.

And then the one day that I had to actually go into the school instead of just dropping off, Munchkin, of course, dressed up like this:

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