Monday, October 19, 2009


In between the puke and the croup that defined our Fall Break, we promised the kids a movie party. Movies parties evolved from hubby working most Friday nights and me not having any energy to deal with the kids after about 6 pm. So if they were good, ate all their dinner and cleaned the playroom, they could have movie party. Movie party is where the kids fight over who gets to pick the movie, spill popcorn all over the playroom and generally have a grand ole time.

This weekend, we rented Imagine That. It was such a good movie. But the best part of the whole movie came today in the form of this paper I found in the hallway:

Translation (because the bottom got cut off):

Their pants were pulled down so everybody could see their underwear which was filled with poop.

Awesome! Out of a whole movie this is the one line that my 6 year old remembers.