Sunday, October 11, 2009

Needs Vs Wants

Hubby's work gives us insurance. This insurance comes paired with a Flex Account. This is basically money that comes out of hubby's check before taxes that we can use on medical and dental things. (We usually up the amount into this and his 401K at the same time as his raise so we see no difference in his take home money.)

Most years we have leftover money on this account. Last year, ET got Transition Lenses in his new pair of glasses and hubby got 6 boxes of contacts. We usually have to find something to use up the rest of the money because you have to use it by the end of the year.

This year, we had Squirt. Squirt demolished our Flex account. She was born the middle of May and the card was empty by the end of May. We hadn't even gotten all the bills from having her yet.

(Having babies is expensive!!!)

So this year, there is no extra money.

But next year...

So hubby and I are putting together a list of wants that we can get done with this extra money. You know like teeth whitening, braces, putting the girls back where they belong, laser hair removal, Lasik, etc.

Too bad we couldn't use it on barely health related a treadmill or a gym membership or babysitters for date night.

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Spencer said...

Sure you can. Just take all the kids to the ER. They can watch them for a few hours!