Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

I am weird and like to have a color theme for holidays--you know the ones where you take pictures. So this year, Easter was turquoise. The boy and Thumbelina didn't get anything new...well, technically, none of the kids did.

(l-r: The Boy, Munchkin, Thumbelina, Squirt)

A friend gave us a T shirt that her sone wouldn't wear because it was too bright. So that t-shirt became Munchkin's skirt and Squirt's cardigan. I added ribbon to Squirt's dress and flowers to Munchkin's tank top. So all in all, I spent maybe 2 hours and $3 (for fabric to make the flowers and bows) and had all "new" Easter outfits.

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Thelissa said...

I'm so impressed with your sewing abilities!