Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog Slacker!

Here is what happened (that I took pictures of) this last month:

Squirt was sick forever. I turned our ottoman into her island of germs. While she was on it, we washed lots of towels and blankets and pajamas. Like all of them...multiple times.

Feeling well enough to watch Mickey, and drink Gatorade.

We though it was a milk issue. So she had to go and get her blood drawn for the allergy test. But she got a new "rubby ducky."

Thumbelina brought home Flat Stanley for Spring Break. The only thing she actually did "with" him was play XBOX.

Munchkin gets headaches. So we had her eyes checked. She is totally normal and apparently a model opthamology patient. They dialated her eyes and found these awesome sunglasses for her to take home and wear outside.
So this month, the kids had Spring Break where we saw Gnomeo and Juliet, hubby and I got a date in, we went to the museum of art at BYU, Dairy Queen, park picnics, and a lot of Wii and Xbox time.

Squirt is not allergic to milk but has some sort of weird intolerance...so we are back to buying Lactaid---ugh!

Hubby got into his Masters program so while we will still have the summer, he goes back to school for 2 more years--BOO! But at least he doesn't have to take the GMAT again!

I am trying to get my easter table runner finished. I made the top last year and when I didn't have time to finish it before Easter, I put it away and now I am trying to finish it this year!


Thelissa said...

Hey! I got the baptism subway art! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! It will be put to good use!

The Rose Family said...

Nice summary. Ru is jealous of the glasses. Here, they don't recommend regular milk until age 3. WHAT??!! Am I really supposed to mix up formula for 2 more years???? Anyway- Fiona hates the taste of real milk, so she may be on their stupid formula anyway. Hope the headaches go away and that your kids stay healthy.

Shaunee said...

She looks so sick :( Poor thing!
Hope things start looking up your way.

P.S. I'm being totally nosy, what is the "baptism subway art" your friend is talking about? Paige is getting baptized in June and I'm needing some ideas!

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