Sunday, November 28, 2010

Temple Challenge

Last month, the kids were challenged in Primary to visit temples in Utah. So far, we have been to three. Salt Lake--two days after Thanksgiving so the lights would be on. Always enthralled by the fountains
And any type of water feature.
We decided on this shot because the stone slab had a waiting line.
Squirt was less than thrilled about the whole thing.
Mount Timpanogos for Family Night
And the Provo temple
The kids are having so much fun checking them off their lists. They were very upset with us when we wouldn't let them roll down the hill at the Provo Temple.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

The real star baker behind Thanksgiving:
Otherwise known as, "Where did my hotpad go?!!!!"
She worked so hard stealing hotpads that she didn't make it to the big meal.
Desserts: Yes, there were only 6 of us--but you gotta have variety! And dessert for 2 weeks!
Dinner: Mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, stuffing, sweet potatoes with crumb topping and marshmallows ...
And RIBS!!!
Thumbelina was too into her ribs to smile for a picture. And then Squirt woke up and we had to blow out all the candles.
It was so good!!! And there are so many leftovers! Our kids are already sick of them.
It was a good day. We ate, watched movies, played games, ate dessert, played one more game (Memory--I won!), and sent to kids to the playroom to watch a show and sleep.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Winter is here. No doubt about it. Snow, cold temperatures, patches of ice waiting for me to slip. But I choose to not think about it. You see, if you don't venture out into the frozen wasteland, you hardly think about it. So I wear shorts and t shirts...mainly because Squirt won't keep anything on her feet so the heater is keeping the house toastier than normal. Denial. Works for me. And these two in my backyard:

'I still have pears---it's not winter!'

'Look at my beautiful leaves. These are FALL leaves---it's not winter!'

And then there are those who embrace the frosty season: The boy pretending to get shot on the trampoline...over and over.
It was awesome to watch! From the warmth of inside.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweet Justice

A few weeks back, Hubby called on his way home from class to tell me he'd gotten a parking ticket. My first thought was--didn't we pay $80 for a parking permit?! He told me how he'd come out of class, walked to his car, and found the ticket. He also found his parking permit missing. So he went to the parking police office and explained the situation to them. They had him fill out some paperwork to get out of the ticket and get a new pass. While he was filling this out, the parking police office person called the actual parking police guy out giving tickets. Hubby's ticket was given within the last hour, and he would look around for his permit. 5 minutes later the guy called back. He'd found the permit in another car, and would bring it to the office. While hubby was waiting for his permit to be returned, he asked what would happen to the person who took it.

* Car impounded
**Actual theft charges filed

Hubby then asked how much the impound fee would be.


Lessons learned:

1. Lock your car doors in the school parking lot.
2. $80 permit is less than $300 impound fee
3. UVU parking police don't mess around!

Monday, November 1, 2010

House in Order

Halloween is over. I have been so focused on getting everything ready for Halloween that my other chores have been neglected. Here are some hilights of the Halloween things and then I am off to fix the disaster that has become my house.
Jack O Lantern carving. The boy picked the flaming skull, Thumbelina picked the star eyes and heart mouth, and Munchkin picked Mickey Mouse. Squirt got what she got since she was taking a nap when we carved them.
Lots of blood for the boy---of course!

Lots of glitter for the mermaid---even if she is wearing snowboots.

The whole gang.

Complete with ninja moves.
Now I have to fix my house so I can do my Sharing Time for Sunday!