Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lowering My Standards

I am making a photo book and wanted some recent pics of all the kids together for the last page. So, tonight we ran down to the river and snapped some pics and ran home. (Karate gets over around 6 and hubby had to go Home teaching at 7) Before we would come home with over 300 pictures and have a few good ones. Today, we took 18 pictures and they aren't too bad. Either the kids are getting better (yeah, right!) or I am just caring less.

I love her little pose in this one. And those striped pants kill me!


Diana said...

Very cute:)Do you want to take my kids next pictures?

Esther said...

I like how the tint on ET's glasses matches his shirt. Those are great pictures!

The Rose Family said...

ET is at that wonderfully awkward stage of growing in permanent teeth. Ru pointed that out to me when she saw the picture.