Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 Months

I think 10 months is wearing her out! She finally gave up her 6pm nap, but this is how I found her last night, after I put the girls to bed. Out cold on the living room floor. Now, Munchkin fell asleep on the LR floor all the time but Squirt has never fallen asleep like this. This is how she sleeps in her bed, except she squishes her CareBear right up to her face.

My girls love their sister...and posing for pictures. They are always playing with her, squeaking at her, "helping" her. Sometimes it drives both Squirt and me a little crazy! But for the most part, Squirt is very patient with all the lovin' she gets heaped on her. I didn't even take this picture--must have been the boy.

Squirt is so funny. She is excellent at scooting backwards on her tummy. She loves wheeling around in her walker. She rolls all over the place. Yesterday, while I was getting dressed, she rolled into the kitchen, and was eating Munchkin's breakfast scraps off the floor. **Note to self: mop more.** In the last couple of days, she has been getting up on her hands and her knees...and going backwards. She gets a little frustrated but hasn't been able to figure out the forward motion yet.

Remember these pancakes from yesterday?

Well, I was changing her this morning and Munchkin said, "Maybe the leprechaun came and changed her poop to green just like the pancakes."

**Note to self: next year, have some regular food coloring, instead of just the paste.**


The Strickland Gang said...

Your girls are too cute! I loved their outfits!

Esther said...

Cute little girls! They'll have many great sister pictures throughout the years!

Melissa said...

She is really cute Erin. They grow up fast don't they? Mine will be a year in a few weeks. I can't believe it. All your kids look alike. You can tell which family they belong to for sure.
Hope all is well.